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First, hardwired Mac to router.  Immediately came up and assigned and set up routing.

  • reports:, with ISP Meo
  • speed test reported: 10ms ping; 14.5Mbps download; 5.2Mbps upload

Second, connected via WiFi, selecting "CSCR Alvaiade".  Again, immediately came up.

  • still reported
  • speed test reported: 14ms ping; 13.8Mbps download; 7.9Mbps upload (strange that it is higher than when direct-connected!)

So...easy to connect, but pretty low bandwidth.  Since WiFi is reasonably peppy, we could use this to connect the trailer to the ops center connection, but then we'd need a WiFi station adaptor and still have to run a power cable to the trailer.

Couldn't try Ted's router since it came with a 110V plug. I have one adaptor, but there weren't any plugs available by the router in the cafe anyway.  Will wait to try more until we have the network installed in the trailer (which still needs power and thus will wait until tomorrow).


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