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As planned, crews split to instrument the two 100m towers.  By the end of a long day (working until dark), both towers were complete with both DTU and NCAR instrumentation.  Kudos to the INEGI and DTU tower crews!!!  

At the ridge, we powered up the tower using a portable generator.  Unfortunately, the top DSM didn't power up.  Per Hansen zoomed up the tower and found a bad connection on the input 24V line (we need to remove these screw terminals from the links that have to be made on the tower!).  This got the DSM and hardwire network to come up, but the Ubiquitis were all dead.  Per was able to debug the box to find either a bad POE injector cable or DC splitter (Y) cable that loaded down the power.  He removed the antenna pointing NNW and got the other two Ubiquitis to come up.  After this, I was able to Bluetooth to the bottom DSM (tse13b), ssh over the copper to tse13t, and ping to the ops center antenna (  Kudos to Per for debugging a system he's never seen before (and that <we> don't have much experience with either).

I wasn't able to make a Bluetooth connection to the top DSM (though Per's body may have blocked it).  Also I got "destination unreachable" when trying to ping the ops center directly from tse13b. Hmmm. 

Note that there should actually be some valid data on the USB stick for about an hour when the generator had things going from this tower!  Perhaps even from the DTU system as well, assuming that we were receiving its UDP data.

Previously, back at the ops center, the ops trailer was powered up and networking connected to it.  Also, Dan replaced about half of the mote fuses.



  1. You can change the transmit power level on the bluetooth console radios with

    sudo btrn -t dbm

    where dbm is an integer in the range -12 to 16.

    For usage:  btrn -h

    To display current radio settings:  sudo btrn -c

    1. Steven Oncley AUTHOR

      Thanks, Gordon, I hadn't remembered to try this...Steve