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Two more towers (both 60m) instrumented today, again Dan with the INEGI crew and me with the DTU crew.  DLR and Enercon folks also were on site.  Started a bit late since I had a bad 24V power supply that failed only with load – rather annoying – that took a while to diagnose.  Another issue was that all my boom clamps were too loose by about 1.5mm.  We ended up stealing DTU's duct tape that was wrapped around the tower uprights as filler.  Far from an elegant solution, and used about 1/2 roll of duct tape just for one tower – we'll need to get more.  The smaller uprights on the 60m towers (rather than the 100's) allowed the Ubiquiti hose clamps to fit, so we could use the uprights with no modification.  Climbers were on the tower from ~10AM - 1:30PM to do everything.  (Yesterday, it was more like 9AM-4PM for the 100m.)  

Two more notes about  tse11: Samortecnica appears to have installed it straight, but not level.  My cell phone measured 2–3 degrees off (top displaced 2–3 m at the top of a 60m tower).  Not very good.  Also, an 11m high tree adjacent to the tower forced the 10m level to be moved up to about 12m. 

Climbers were back down for lunch, which included cake to celebrate Per's birthday!

Had enough time later in the day for us and DTU to prep riSW06.  That should go fast tomorrow, though there is extra DTU stuff.  INEGI is forced to take tomorrow off since Conception Day is a national holiday.

So the status is:

  • tse09 (100m in the valley): Ready, but DSMs probably switched off
  • tse11 (60m on slope): Ready
  • tse13 (100m on the ridge): Ready, but only one WiFi access point (to WSW) connected.  Other needs POE cable.
  • tnw10 (60m on slope): Ready
  • rsw06 (60m north of wind turbine): Prepped for instrumentation tomorrow.
  • rsw03 (60m south of turbine): Partly prepped.  INEGI should instrument Friday.
  • rne01, rne02, rne03, tse10, tse12: Expected to be built by Friday; we'll instrument over the weekend
  • rsw01, rsw02, rsw04, rsw06, rsw07, rsw08: Expected to be built early next week; we'll instrument when available

None of these towers yet have power, though many lines and poles are installed, so we do not expect to leave a functioning network.  The network in the ops center/trailer is now up, though connection speeds are very slow.  A MEO technician is scheduled to visit tomorrow to work on it.

Little tasks:

  • Buy the stuff on our needs list.
  • Visit east energy balance/NCAS site
  • Diagnose bad POE cable
  • Finish stuffing mote fuses