Lots of activity today, in no particular order:

  • Telecom guy came and (after more than an hour) got our bandwidth to 48 Mbps up; 48 Mbps down.  This is close enough to the 50/50 we paid for.  Yea!
  • We requested from the telecom guy a set of port forwards, but this has to be done back at the office.  A workorder has been submitted, but for now we can't get our router on the network.
  • We tried a bunch to pair tse13 to ops with no success.  Dan climbed and reoriented 2 of the antennae.  Later testing in the ops center showed that we need to set the station adaptors to SA PTMP, rather than SA PTP.  All of the SAs programmed so far will have to be changed, but this isn't a big deal.  (P.S.: By the end of the day, had reprogrammed all except the uncommitted tseXX and rswXX (and still have some vXX and tnwXX to program completely))
  • The Metek SODAR was delivered to the ops center today.  (This should be in an ISS logbook entry!)
  • 10 Gill sonics purchased by U. Porto were delivered today.  I presume that these will be used on the 60m towers connected to the DTU data system.
  • We prepped for most of the towers expected to be ready tomorrow.
  • We installed a set of soil sensors at rne01.  The ground was easy to work with, going only to 5cm.
  • And last, but not least, we now have access to the circuit breaker panel in the ops center where we can turn on the ballroom lights – that makes a HUGE difference in nighttime lighting!  (It is interesting that cold is much easier to bear if it isn't dark and cold.) 

For tomorrow, we are expecting:

  • Samortecnica will deliver our booms – needed to add the DTU and ARL sonics to the short masts.
  • Samortecnica will add sections to the ridge towers to get them to 12 and 21m.  Then we can start instrumenting them!
  • Samortecnica will pour concrete for the valley short towers.  The idea is to have some of the solar-powered towers up before we go.
  • Samortecnica will also work on the remaining 60m towers.
  • The municipality will provide a longer-bed truck that ISS will use to move profiler stuff to the profiler site in the morning.  We will use it to transport one darkhorse to each ridge and valley.
  • The INEGI tower crew will return to instrument at least one more 60m tower.