We finally have our first short tower instrumented!  Samortecnica "topped off" several towers on the ne ridge, so we started on them.  They made a lot of progress today, so we now have from 4–9 short towers to work on during the next 3 days, and hopefully more will be built while we're working.  In the meantime, we've been preparing data systems and sensors, so we have most of these ready to go.  Now, we just have to get busy throwing them onto towers...

A few random details:

  • Found that one of the old DSMs that had been prepared from old pieces had the ribbon cable going to Emerald ports 1-4 flipped.  Now DSM ports 5–8 (Emerald ports 1-4) work.
  • This same DSM (rsw04) has an old Emerald board that needed to have jumpers changed to configure it to RS422 for the EC100 box.
  • Found that we need an extra short 1/4-20 screw on the CSAT3A booms to connect the ground straps (that we finally found in a tub today).
  • We're finding lots of EC100 boxes that are not set to binary mode.  This can be done easily by using minicom to connect to the EC100 and typing "+", "Y", "X", "Y".  We found one that we thought we configured, but had reverted.  Perhaps we forgot the "X" step.
  • I finally started cooking the first soil sample that I took 2 days ago.
  • Since we don't yet have AC power at the towers, we are using DTU's portable generator to power up the towers to check that things are installed correctly.
  • We're still waiting for the ops center router to be reconfigured to allow us to attach our network.  (Both the ops center and the towers use the 192.168.1.X subnet.  In hindsight, it would have been better to change our subnet to something more unique.  It would be a lot of work at this point for us to change every DSM and Ubiquiti device.
  • We will change the configuration .xml to default to simple cal_files so that we'll be able to look at data on the DSMs without having to create every cal_file now.
  • Four people from IMPA (the Portuguese meteorological service) visited the site and ops center today.
  • Found that we can buy fruit from the food truck that comes to the Alvaiade square periodically!