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Ted and I continued prep/network tasks in the ops center.  We also visited tse13 to rewire the power (and hopefully build the first leg of the WiFi network), but couldn't actually get AC power up since the fusebox was locked.  Both 24V and 12V power supplies (barely) fit in the lower part of the DTU box along with an outdoor-rated power strip.  This will have to be changed once DTU installs their "differential protection" circuit.

rsw04 should be ready to go, though I need to double-check the mechanicals and then pack.  The other 4 towers still need software upgrades and systems checks.  All sensors are prepped.  

Ted was able to get radio pairing to the ops center access point using (multiple) frequencies in the range suggested by IMPA (to avoid possible interference with their radar).  Now need to copy this configuration to the rest of the Ubiquiti gear.

The other NCAR staff dropped by to get oriented to the ops center as well.



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