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Similar to yesterday, all staff (except Santiago) went to the field to become familiar with a different type of tower set-up.  Finished tse08.  It should even be straightforward to get power here reasonably quickly.  Transported all equipment to tse07 for tomorrow's deployment.  Back in the ops center, mostly prepped tse10.  Also, Santiago gave up on using the Cisco routers (even after a firmware update) and has fallen back to using a spare older-model router we had brought.  This router is now being used in the ops trailer for primary connection to the tower network.  He and Ted later picked up a second router for use in the ops center staging area.

The primary issue is that, in prepping tse07, we found 3 straight CSAT3s that all report "00".  We ended up using one from Petra (OU), that worked just fine.  Her shipping box had more foam than the standard CSAT3 case – possibly vibration in shipping broke all of our CSAT3s???  Hard to imagine.  When the dust settles, I'll go back to looking at them, which may require shipping back to Utah (sad).  This experiment wasn't designed to have spare instruments, just redundancy in the measurements that are being made...

Rebecca and Sara are now here, and José Carlos is in the area.  We'll all meet tomorrow AM.


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