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I stayed in the ops center, so I'm not completely sure of all that happened today....

  • TRHs should now be up on tnw07, finishing the installation of this mast begun in Dec. by INEGI with the DTU equipment.
  • Finished off ground wiring left over from yesterday at tse07 and tse10.
  • Powered up tse13, but still couldn't get its WiFi to pair with the ops center.  We may be collecting data from here now.
  • Started to install rne07, but tower was determined not to be climbable.  José Carlos is being contacted.
  • Finished prep of rne06, tnw09 and tnw11, but had some issues:
    • Found that the RMY cables were mislabeled – the orange wire (Bulgin in 6) should go to B2 and A1 and A2 should not be connected.  Also had to change settings on the ARL RMYs.  One was at 19.2kbaud, rather than 38.4K and the usual message format.  Wake correction is turned on.  There were 3 different levels of "WT" threshold – 0, 1, and 20 cm/s, but this is not used in UVW output mode.
    • Found that another 2 of our CSAT3s were reporting 8000 on all channels.  After a long phone call with Ed at CSI, determined that nidas initialization of these sensors somehow is putting them into a state in which they can't acquire a signal.  Is this perhaps the same issue we had pre-VERTEX where the CSAT3s using version 5.0 can't run at 20/60 Hz anymore?  I thought we solved this.  In any case, this is not a hardware issue, though it appears that it will take a bit of work to revive the ones we've mis-initialized.
  • ARL and Cornell also were busy, and now have their Ubiquitis and cell-modem SIM card, respectively, but I don't know their details.