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Another day of waiting...

Our tensionmeter shipment is due in tomorrow, so still no climbing.  We have asked INEGI to arrange for Samortecnica to be ready to work on tower retensioning on Friday.  Complicating things are that rain is expected on-and-off starting tomorrow, breaking our run of great (but chilly) weather.  Another complication is that we lose 3 of our crew members on Friday.  We have had several discussions about staff scheduling, but a lot seems to depend on how Friday goes...

A field crew went out to work on power and made a lot of progress.  The electricians also have been continuing to add power drops, so several towers are now up.  Unfortunately, the electricians are having a hard time getting a good ground at the tse13 power drop (their last measurement was 200 ohms and they want 20), so they still haven't run the power cable from the new box location to the mast.  DTU has prepped this, and at least one other box, so that the tower can come up as soon as power goes to it.

In the ops center, almost all of the towers that are built have been prepped.  We also worked on software and scripts for webplots and data transfer.

We spent a bit of time helping DTU to position their lidars.

I'm told that Cornell now have 3 of their 4 lidars powered up, 2 are communicating (over cell phones).  They also have installed the seismometers, though there still are no power drops on the sw ridge.


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