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Some movement today...

INEGI will send two crews here on Wed to get as much done as possible.  The prediction of rain and other INEGI commitments have prevented them from committing to more time, though Thurs might be possible.  In the meantime, our tensiometers have arrived and we have learned that we can climb if our staff determine that a particular tower is safe.  We are optimistic that this criterion can be met for the majority of the towers.  Tomorrow, we will deliver as much equipment as possible to the site and prepare booms to be raised in order to maximize tower climbing time.

Other tidbits:

  • Gordon has fixed the biggest bug in cockpit, so we now have real-time plots
  • A few more towers have been prepped in the ops center
  • Electricians have been working on the sw ridge, so we connected DC power to 2 towers (though the main line is not yet live)
  • There have been some power issues in the ops center itself, including the breaker for the ballroom tripping.  We yet don't know the source.


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