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A lot of progress today:

  • The tower tension-checkers determined that all 10 and 20m towers should be safe to climb.
  • AC power was turned on to 2 towers: rsw01 and rsw02.  rsw01's WiFi was reprogrammed, though the access point for both towers is not yet up (soon?)
  • 2 stations (v04 and v05) were instrumented by us and also are powered on(?).
  • Another 8 stations were prepped at the the base of the mast, to be ready for the INEGI crew to climb tomorrow and move the instrumentation vertically.  There are a few details still to take care of at these masts, including preparing solar panels at 2 sites and installing soil sensors at 2 sites, but we expect that this will be quick.
  • 2 more stations were prepped at the ops center.
  • The power company was supposed to have finished at rsw06 as well, so that we can bring this up as a repeater site for the western slope (including ISS).
  • DTU fixed DSM power issues at tnw07, tnw10, (and tse07?)
  • By my count, this leaves only 4 masts that are constructed but not yet prepped at the tower.  We still think that these 4 can be finished Thurs & Fri.




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