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Station is up and sensors reporting, EXCEPT CSAT3A at 20m.  Since it doesn't show a sonic head connected (using enter, D shows "SN0000" for the sonic), the fix should be just plugging in the head to the EC100.

Ted and Gary staged the sensors yesterday, all except for the Licor since we were missing the boom clamp.  Here are the serial numbers:

  • Licor 1166
  • Nr01 2537
  • EC100 1821
  • Csat3 1120
  • Csat3a 2033

Lessons learned: We should have demonstrated how to connect the Licor and sonics on the ground, before the climbers went up.

After the install Gary checked the data:

  • Licor working.
  • GPS working.
  • CSAT3 at 10m wind and temperature measurements looked good.
  • 20m CSAT3A winds are nan, as noted above by Steve.
  • NR01 reporting.
  • Attached soil mote, I think all the measurements look ok.  The mote voltage is only 9-10V.
  • The Ubiquiti nanobeam ethernet cable was too short, so Ted decided to move it down 2m from the top to reach the DSM at the usual height.
  • The soil bulgin cable barely reaches, so it might be a good idea to string some cord between tower and tree next to mote and hang the cable from that.