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(I assume Preban also was there...)

Working very late (until at least 10:30pm), the DTU crew got all of our installed masts on the network, though a few DSMs didn't come up.  We're very grateful!

From several Per emails:

5 Mar

The fiber for the internet is still not working, but José C. has promised that someone will come on Tuesday to have a look at it. I can see that the media converter reports an error on one the fibers.

We have brought a Litebeam 5 AC 23dBi with us and we have placed it on the antenna pole of the ops center. That has helped significantly on the performance and stability of link to the ridges. So I don’t think It’ll be necessary for you to manufacture any special brackets.

We have then placed the “old” litebeam from the ops center according to Teds plan at rNE_06. We have also placed the 19 dBi spare NanoBeam on RiNE_07 and reconfigured Tower 10 to match the new NanoBeam. So now we’re only lacking to replace the last of the 3 Prisms which I noticed was now mounted in tower 37. The Litebeam that Ted has ordered could maybe then replace that one?

We have gained some more bandwidth from the ops center to tower 29 by moving the frequencies further away from the ones being used by the two sector antennas at tower 29. It seemed like these three antennas close by each other were interfering.

8 Mar

As you already has discovered the fiber was fixed to day. It turned out that we had two issues with the connection out of here. Rx fiber was broken close to the first junction box they have. Aparently a couple of kilometers from here. The Tx fiber also had a problem with too sharp a bent in the very first electricity pole outside the building. The latter could explain the changing performance we were seeing on the line performance.

 The last 100m tower was successfully instrumented today, and your DSM’s should with a little luck be visible on the network.


9 Mar

We found the fault on tse04 top, the uSD card was ejected. It should be visible now.

We have changed the Ubiquiti config in the 4 army alu towers behind riNE07. They should now be online.
...and later

A few of the ubiquities on the towers were not set up with the proper wireless security rules, some were locked on the MAC address of the old AP we replaced (the Prism) and the last one was set in the wrong network mode.

We have moved a few towers from the planned accesspoint to another were the signal quality was higher. I still miss to correct it on the spreadsheet, I’ll do that asap.

The ARL ubiquities were all having the wrong PSK. José C. forwarded me a mail from a Sean, where he says there’s an IP conflict in one of his units, but they all seemed to have the IP address stated to the far right in the spreadsheet. And not the .110 to .113 stated in the mail. I were not able to access the web config page as described in his mail either, but since the IP’s matched Ted’s spreadsheet I put them on the network.

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