Added a second DSM to this site to sample all but the analog Setra sensor.  Fixed noisy messages from 10m RMYoung by moving it to a different port.  RMYoung at 20m is reporting non-zero diagnostic flag, and nothing we did fixed it.  The voltage at the DSM mote is 12.7V, but maybe there's too much of a drop up the tower, or maybe the RMYoung is beyond it's useful life.

  • Replace the RMYoung at 20m.
  • Rearrange the DSMs so that both have a clear view of the sky.  Putting rsw02x directly above rsw02 seems to have prevented GPS lock in rsw02.  Oops.

The JIRA issue on the crashing TItan problem has been updated: ISFS-149.

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  1. Gary Granger AUTHOR

    I added a server line to rsw02:/etc/chrony/chrony.conf which refers to rsw02x.  Now that DSM should have very good system time sync, and really it doesn't even need the GPS sensor anymore.  So rearranging the DSMs is unnecessary.