Found this morning that rsw03 and rsw06 were down (and all of the networking that rsw06 relies upon).  This happened about 2030 last night.  After 2 trips up the ridge, found that the GFI switch in each tower's fuse box had tripped, presumably due to thunderstorms last night.  Both towers came up upon resetting these GFIs.  Now that we're back in the ops center, I see that rsw08 also is down.  This will require a third trip up the ridge.

While at rsw06, we finally replaced the TRH at 20m.  As Steve had mentioned to me, the tape on the clamp nearest the TRH had slipped, tilting the boom to channel water to the TRH connector.  Some water came out when I opened this up.  I attempted to relevel the boom and plugged the end with putty.  On the way down, I also plugged the 10m TRH boom.