Sonics and gas analyzers

tse07 10m sonic

Still down, we will replace the 10m CSAT3 at tse07 with help from Orson from ND.

rsw02 20m

RMYoung on port 3 is still not reporting, even after more power cycles. We will plan to replace it.

v07 4m

According to ldiag.4m.v07 in qctables, RMYoung sonic was flagging up to 80% of samples as bad later in the day. However, spd.4m.v07 and w.4m.v07 have no missing values in that time period. How is that happening?

v06 20m LiCOR

Many missing samples later in the day.

tse12 10m

ldiag is occasionally non-zero, like less than 0.1%, so nothing that needs to be fixed.

TRH Sensors

tse11 2m


tse04 and tse11

60m TRH sensors on tse04 and tse11 are still down, planning for INEGI to replace them.

Other issues

More inventory checking. Updates are on the spreadsheet linked from Spares Inventory page.

Cycled power on rsw02 to recover from a presumed OS hang up. It's a known problem that has not happened in a few weeks.

Isabel inventoried soil sensors, so we filled in those and some other details on the inventory spares, and the spreadsheet was moved to google drive.

Prepared TRH and CSAT3 replacements, tested on a DSM setup in the ops center.


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