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Sonics and gas analyzers

rsw02 20m

Replaced around 16z with help from Orson (ND).

v07 4m

Since this is a RMYoung, the problem could be related to voltage, but we have no more 14V adapters. The easiest replacements are the last working RMYoung, which reports about 2% bad samples in the ops center, and a Metek, since the Meteks mount onto the Samortechnica booms.

We visited the site around 17z, and measured 12.45V at the port 2 bulgin pin, and 12.85V at the power panel input pin. So I'd guess the RMYoung is getting enough volts since it is only 4m up. Vdsm is always more than 12V, even though it is measured at a soil mote 5m from the DSM.

I forgot to bring a ladder to look at the adapter in the junction box, so at the moment I'm assuming it's a 14V and it's performing well enough that the voltage should be high enough for the RMYoung.

tnw09 10m

Diagnostic flipping back and forth.

tnw07b 4m

Diagnostic mostly bad.

tse10 10m

Some spiking.

TRH Sensors

tse04 60m

INEGI replaced it, working now.

tse11 60m

Still needs to be replaced.

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