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Sonics and gas analyzers

I think all the sonics are working.

v01 10m IRGA

The v01 10m irgadiag has regular stretches of non-zero values, maybe 40% of samples are good.  I don't know if that's worth trying to fix, given the chance a new head could make it worse.  Maybe it's just a spider web, so if we get a chance to climb we should take a look.

v07 20m LiCOR

The LiCOR at v07 20m (port 3 on v07t) was not reporting, fixed by cycling power.

Other issues


I replaced the Ubiquiti radio at tnw05.  It was able to connect to its AP without climbing the tower to mount it.  Since the original had already been upgraded to firmware 8.1.4, the replacement was also upgraded to 8.1.4, and then I just saved the config from the original and restored it to the replacement.  Traffic to and from tnw05b and tnw05t has been normal, including rsyncs, however for some reason now tnw05u does not respond to ping, ssh, or https access on the WLAN interface.