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  • fix eddy's WiFi (already a JIRA item)
  • find alternative to battery coolers that don't leak
  • change to Pi3 to allow station WiFi connection (only $40*60 = $2400).  Have to consider or mitigate possible increased power consumption.
  • Modify fuses such to use resettable fuses in line with higher current blowable fuses.
  • Upsize all mote sensor fuses to accommodate TP01 (straightforward, though boring, soldering rework)
  • Up-voltage serial frontpanel protection diodes to accommodate 24VDC (a lot of work since easiest if frontpanels pulled from DSMs)
  • Move TRH fan controller circuit to inside PIC module (a lot of work, since all ~120 will need to be remade)
  • Add/buy A/D input (via USB?) for Pi DSMs (cool would be an excess inventory of wisard boards, but presently expensive to wire up.  COTS are available but moderately expensive at 16bit resolution: e.g. LabJack $300ea)
  • Replace empty fuses (that have been stolen to replace blown fuses) in DSMs 
  • Arrange for a guest lecture/course on the topic of grounding!


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