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Intended 19 Jun values to be the wet runs due to rain 2 days before, but since it was essentially drought conditions the prior 3 weeks, these are some of the driest values!

A plot of all of these data are at the end of this entry.  4 sites have only one data point (data weren't being recorded during the installation sample since there was no power, and these sites had been torn down before SO arrived).  11 sites have two samples and 1 site had 3 samples during the experiment.  Of the 12 sites with multiple samples, 8 had gains of nearly one.  From the two samples at the remaining 4 sites, 3 had gains greater than 1 – up to ~3 -- and one had a gain of about ~0.5.  With this limited sample, we will assume all gains were 1 and simply calculate a bias from these samples.  The resulting bias values range from -13 to +2%.

These data also produce the soil bulk density (of course, even from the installation core).  The soil structure at several of the sites was not cohesive, so retrieving a core with the correct volume of material was problematic.  Rocks were omnipresent and of course sometimes were present at the core depth boundary.  Nevertheless, the results were quite consistent with only a few outliers.  The median values for each site ranged from 0.7 – 1.8 g/cm^3.  No sorting by position (valley vs. ridge) is apparent, though further investigation might identify a relation to soil type. 


05 Dec 16:00

rne01 3-6cm







Part of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; crumbly peat; wet weighing was 2 days later, so likely dried somewhat.
10 Dec 09:00tse12 3-6cm9.3114.8108.51.499.5NAPart of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; rocky sand
10 Dec 11:00

rsw04 3-6cm

9.3106.291.9 1.2421.5NAPart of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; quite organic

18 Jan 13:00

tse07 3-6cm9.394.682.71.1017.911.4Part of soil sensor installation; Site started logging data 4 hours later (17:01); started weighing about 4 hours after sample taken, but wasn't very hot today.
20 Jan 14:00tnw09 3-6cm73.3174.1169.51.456.9NAPart of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; rocky sand
20 Jan 14:00rne06 3-6cm73.3130.4118.50.6817.9NAPart of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; light organic
26 Jan 11:00v04 3-6cm9.3115.7101.91.2520.8NAPart of soil sensor installation; no coincident data recorded; loose organic+rock
2 Feb 14:30

rne07 3-6cm



 1.91 10.7 NASensor installation; data started next day; interesting multi-colored (orange/grey) rocky sand
2 Feb 17:00tse02 3-6cm 9.4+73.3150.1134.3 0.78 23.8 NASensor installation; no coincident data

3 Feb 11:30

v07 3-6cm9.4+73.3



161.21.1822.88NASensor installation; organic; Drying in cold oven while we are gone.
6 Apr 18:30v06 3-69.491.2740.9725.89NASensor installation; light organic

14 Apr


rne039.498891.2013.55NASensor installation; clay (????NO SOIL SENSORS HERE)

24 Apr


tnw059.47970.80.9212.643.4Sensor installation; clay

24 Apr


v019.484.274.20.9815.056.9Sensor installation; mix of organic and clay

10 May





Sensor installation; very dry grey power/sand below 2cm (despite rain starting)

16 May 12:40

tse059.4+73.3164.4153.21.0616.914.6Sensor installation; lots of fist-sized stones in peat;
19 May 1335tse019.4+73.3178.2170.71.3311.36.8Beginning of second round of cores; pretty dry since rain last week
19 May 1405tnw029.4+73.3182.3178.41.445.9-0.2 
19 May 1435tse029.4+73.3184.5179.41.467.710.5 
19 May 1550tse079.4+73.3155.4142.40.9019.613.2 
19 May 1615tnw099.4118.4114.21.586.3-7.2 
21 May 1405rsw049.4+73.3143.5138.50.847.53.6 
21 May 1420v019.4+73.3141.1130.00.7116.713.2 
21 May 1820rne019.4117.0110.41.529.911.4 
21 May 1900tse129.4138.4133.31.877.74.2 
22 May 1600v079.4115.3107.21.4712.29.2 

22 May 1630

22 May 1700rne069.4+9.482.4+125.180.1+124.02.79


6.2Rock included as part of sample; required separate pan to weigh
22 May 1720rne079.4131.1129.61.812.3


22 May 1800v049.4130.1121.71.6912.611.8 
23 May 1645v069.4112.497.51.3322.49.52 
19 Jun 1520tse079.454.349.60.617.13.12Rain 2 days ago
19 Jun 1610rne019.4108.4105.11.445.01.92Rain 2 days ago
19 Jun 1700v019.482.273.10.9613.79.93Rain 2 days ago
20 Jun 0900rne069.465.163.00.813.2-1.77 
20 Jun 0910tnw099.4124.7123.21.712.3-10.75 
20 Jun 1020tnw059.466.160.70.778.1-0.47 

20 Jun 1050




3.75Sample contains stone
20 Jun 1120v069.463.959.20.757.12.60 
20 Jun 1810rne079.490. 
20 Jun 1835v049.498.695.41.304.85.64 
21 Jun 1725tse129.4119.7117.71.633.01.52Sample contains stone

Date Time


Tare (g)

Wet (g)

Dry (g)

rho (g/cm^3)

Moist (%)

Moist (%) 


loc = c("rne01","tse12","rsw04","tse07","tnw09","rne06","v04","rne07","tse02","v07","v06","rne03","tnw05","v01","tnw02","tse05","tse01","tnw02","tse02","tse07","tnw09","rsw04","v01","rne01","tse12","v07","tnw05",


loc = loc[-12]

locs = sort(unique(loc))

tare = 9.3+c(73.3,0,0,0,73.3-9.3,73.3-9.3,0,0,73.3,73.3,0,0,0,0,73.3,73.3,73.3,73.3,73.3,73.3,0,73.3,73.3,0,0,0,0,9.4,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)

wet = c(172.2,114.8,106.2,94.6,174.1,130.4,115.7,143.1,150.1,176.4,91.2,98.0,79.0,84.2,191.7,164.4,178.2,182.3,184.5,155.4,118.4,143.5,141.1,117.0,138.4,115.3,64.2,82.4+125.1,131.1,130.1,112.4,54.3,108.4,


dry = c(157.6,108.5,91.9,82.7,169.5,118.5,101.9,136.0,134.3,161.2,74.0,89.0,NA,NA,188.2,153.2,170.7,178.4,179.4,142.4,114.2,138.5,130.0,110.4,133.3,107.2,56.6,80.1+124.0,129.6,121.7,97.5,49.6,105.1,73.1,


ec5 = c(rep(NA,3),11.4,rep(NA,8),3.4,6.9,-2.7,14.6,6.8,-0.2,10.5,13.2,-7.2,3.6,13.2,11.4,4.2,9.2,8.3,6.2,3.7,11.8,9.52,3.12,1.92,9.93,-1.77,-10.75,-0.47,3.75,2.60,2.83,5.64,1.52)

wet = wet[-12]; dry = dry[-12]; ec5 = ec5[-12]

vol = c(3)*pi*(5.31/2)^2

moist = 100*(wet-dry)/vol

rho = dry/vol

bias = c(-1,-2,2,-4,-7,-6,-13,-5,2,-2,-6,-2,-3,0,-9,-3) # eyeballed biases

il = match(loc,locs)


for (i in 1:length(locs)) {

im = il==i

plot(moist[im],ec5[im],xlim=c(-15,30),ylim=c(-15,30),xlab="",ylab=""); abline(0,1,lty=2); abline(bias[i],1,col=3,lty=2); abline(h=0,v=0)


rhom = median(rho[im],na.rm=T)

abline(h=rhom*10,col=4); text(-10,rhom*10+3,col=4,round(rhom,dig=2))



And finally, the plot from all this!!


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