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Just in case we might have wanted to resurvey any booms that have been moved to replace sonics, I started making a list of the sonic changes. It turned out Jakub did not think the booms could have moved enough to warrant resurveying, but I also thought this list would be useful to keep track of which cal files needed to be created or adjusted, and I assume that any tilt calibrations (if they need to happen for this project) will have to account for boom changes at the times below.

There are only dates at the moment, the list still needs more exact times.

2017-06-06: tnw07 4m sonic boom

2017-06-06: v07 8m sonic boom

We had to pull the booms in to replace the RMYoung sonic with a METEK, and at v07 we also had to swing the boom to slide it in clear of the tower. So the angle at v07 8m may have changed, and certainly the tilt and orientation of the sonic itself may have changed at both.

2017-06-05: tnw09 10m sonic boom

Pulled the boom in to replace the CSAT3A head, tilt may have changed.

2017-06-01: rsw02 20m RMYoung sonic boom

Replaced around 16Z, boom had to be pulled in, tilt and orientation may have changed.

2017-05-31: tse07 10m CSAT3 sonic boom

Replaced with another CSAT3 sonic head and it's electronics box. Boom had to be pulled in, tilt may have changed.

2017-04-27,14:00: tse07 10m had to be rotated right-side up.

I assume this precedes any laser surveys, but I also assume the tilt and direction calibration will have to be adjusted for before and after.

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