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Here are notes from Kurt's analysis of our current status and near-term work plan.  This page mostly mentions work to get a tower initially instrumented.  Maintenance and repairs on current towers is being interleaved with the tower setup work.

Work recently completed


V01 is now instrumented and on the network, 4/24/17.

Work Pending for Site Setups

This section is sites for which setup work could progress.

There are no such sites at the moment.

Work Pending for Site Repairs

This is where to list significant repair work which needs to be worked into the schedule somewhere.

At the moment, there is no such work pending.

other tasks

See the To Dos page for lots of other things to be done.

Sites with No Work Pending

As things stand now, there is no work for us to do in the near term on the 9 towers below.


This tower may not have been mentioned specifically during the early April setups, but nothing is recorded for it in the tower status spreadsheet.


v02 only has flagging. Spreadsheet shows it has not been prepped.  v02 uses NCAR solar, so we're only waiting on the tower to be put up. 

02 May: confirmed that only flagging is there.


Status spreadsheet shows site is prepped only, anchors not poured. We have not visited the site to confirm the status. Power is INEGI solar.

So this site is waiting on both the tower and on INEGI solar power.

tse14 and tse15

Status spreadsheets says anchors were poured in December but no progress past that. We have not visited these sites to confirm their status.

These are both INEGI solar, so we're waiting on both tower and power.


We visited this site around April 6, and at the time it was only holes in ground. We suspect this tower will not get done.


Tower status spreadsheet shows no progress.  Waiting on a tower and on INEGI solar power.


Tower status spreadsheet shows no progress.  Waiting on a tower and on INEGI solar power.


We will NOT climb this tower. One anchor is partway out of ground and moves when guy wire is shook, I have not measured the tensions yet, but can already tell by way tower shakes from ground level that this is not safe.

Probably not necessary anyway as power is more than 150 meters away and I see no way that the power company would be able to put in poles to run AC.  See april 20th set up notes.

This site is difficult to reach, and it is supposed to have line power, but the drop is 100m from the tower site, so that's problematic also.


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