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Tried to clean up raw_data files, so we only work with the <real> data files.

  1. moved all files from June-Sep 2016 to raw_data_lab, since these would have been during tests in Boulder
  2. moved all files in which data_dump on the GPS showed longitude = 07d42.07' also into raw_data_lab, since these would have been staging in the ops center.  This step took a while.
  3. moved all files in which the time tags didn't match the GPS times into raw_data_toFix.  Some of these had 20000101 for the date.  Most had time tags from the ops center testing applied to data once moved.  Eventually, we should try to fix these time tags, but only for the larger files.
  4. renamed a few files in which the initial, say 30s, time tags were wrong, but corrected themselves and ran for quite a while longer.  The new name corresponds to the first good GPS time.

A rough log of the changes made is in my Google drive spreadsheet.  I'll think about moving it into this blog...

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