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ISS Setup is getting underway after a short delay.  The past few days have been organizing and receiving equipment, meeting with locals including a group from IPMA in Lisbon and INERGI in Porto.  The profiler site was leveled on Wednesday by the local municipality, although power is not yet available there or at the sodar site.  Our seatainer sits at an olive processing shed at the foot of the access road to the profiler site and we have been gradually transporting equipment up to the site.  (The access road is too rough and steep for our usual procedure of locating the seatainer at the site and using as office space).  The municipality helped us move some larger items (such as the profiler) with one of their trucks Tuesday, but we are moving most equipment with our small rental pickup.

The sodar arrived from Metek in Germany on Tuesday a couple of days ahead of schedule and was delivered to the Ops Center, although was in a larger and heavier set of crates than expected.  We started unpacking and transporting equipment to the sodar site and started clearing that site of bushes and weeds.

Today the main activity was building an equipment shelter at the profiler site.