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ISS is running with setup largely complete - the last major item was installation of acoustic shielding surrounds for the wind profiler RASS, which were installed today. RASS was turned on this afternoon, as usual running for 5 minutes every half hour.  It is currently measuring virtual temperature up to about 600 - 700m altitude, with the amp running at moderate power - about 7 VAC (amp output), which produces around 115 dB at the speakers (50 dB at 30m horizontally out from the shielded speakers).  Winds are being measured up to the 2 - 3km level.

The cell modem at the sodar site was switched to a SIM card from INEGI (still on the NOS provider, but under a long term contract rather than the 15 day service of the previous card).  The profiler site continues to use a Vodafone mobile HotSpot which should be active until about Jan 20 by which time the valley wireless network should be up and ready to take over.  

We visited potential sites for the NCAS wind profiler east of the valley, and identified a suitable area 

Weather was cool and cloudy with light winds, switching to showers by evening.