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I visited the ISS site yesterday and today to work on the ubiquiti link.  The inside of the shed was very warm, the fan on the data manager sounded like it was working hard, but everything was working.

Jose Carlos told me earlier yesterday, before my first visit, that he had stopped by the site in the morning to check on it, and when he noticed that the radar wasn't running he started it up with the POP desktop icon.  So some time before that it stopped, but I don't think it could have been very long since I had not seen any alerts about it.

Internet access from the site now uses the ubiquiti network, the cellular wifi has been turned off.  Details in this issue:

I don't any issues with anything else.  Shed looks good, RASS still loud, shed fan is working, exterior cables look undisturbed.  Guy lines, rass surrounds, rass speaker covers secure.

We just have one profiler PC with a tendency to restart itself.