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Day 5 of the Perdigao IOP.   With the passage of a cold front the weather cooled significantly and it became rainy and much colder than yesterday.

Four sondes launched at 00UT, 06UT, 12UT & 18UT.

The 06UT and 12 UT sondes were launched in rain. Used about 43 bar of helium for the noon sounding to account for the extra weight of water on the balloon.

Restarted the Ubiquity antenna link on the water vapor DIAL after Scott Spuler alerted us that he lost communication to the DIAL. When we opened the DIAL, the system appeared completely functional with the exception of the lost network access. Unplugging and reconnecting the Ubiquity solved the problem.

Bill left in the afternoon.

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  1. A sounding in the rain