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Day 9 of the Perdigao IOP.   The weather pleasant and partly cloudy. Weak surface winds.

Three sondes launched at 00UT, 06UT, & 18UT without issues. I missed the 12UT sonde since the regulator broke during filling. As a result I couldn't regulate the gas flow anymore, the gas flow was too high and blew up the neck of the balloon during filling. For the 18UT launch, we borrowed the regulator, which the University of Notre Dame is using. The regulators, which had been ordered already last week to replace this one, were still in Lisbon in the afternoon, and were shipped express to our hotel in Castelo Branco, where they arrived at 21:00 local time. The following midnight launch was done using the new regulator.

Following the instructions from Gary, Lou changed the jumpers on the DSM channels to switch the pressure sensor from the Vaisala PTB330 sensor to the Lufft sensor.
Lou had more keys for the container made.
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