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Day 11 of the Perdigao IOP.   The weather was cold and rainy with occasional surface gusts at launch.

Four sondes launched at 00UT, 06UT, 12UT & 18UT without issues. The 06UT, sonde was inflated and launched in rain.

For the 18UT and the 00UT (12 May) we used the flow meter. However, this slows the gas flow even further and it was not used in subsequent soundings.

There was a massive network outage in the valley following a thunderstorm with some small hail in the afternoon. Wind profiler, SODAR and sounding systems were not impacted, only networking.

Since inflation takes about 15 min, this poses the possible risk that a storm comes up during this time with staff still outside holding on to the balloon.

Matt Paulus arrived today.


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