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Day 22 of the Perdigao IOP. Today was very warm with few Cu during the afternoon and mostly clear skies in the morning and evening. Surface winds were calm to very weak.

Four regular sondes were launched today, at 00 UTC, 06 UTC, 12 UTC & 18 UTC, with no major issues. The 12 UTC sonde had trouble acquiring GPS and also lost winds between 790-640 mb. Three additional radiosondes were launched at 15, 21, and 03 UTC as part of the OU supersonde schedule. There were no issues with these either. 

Notre Dame re-installed their scanning lidar in the afternoon. At some point in the evening the breaker tripped in the power box at the road and all of the lidars lost power. This potentially happened around 20 UTC. No effect was noticed in the ISS trailer. I reset the breaker in the morning of 23 May and the lidars powered back up. 


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