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Sounding site - we3 have settled on 43 cu. ft. of He in the balloons for proper ascent rates.  OU conducted super sounding from 1500 UTC on the 27th to 0300 UTC on the 28th, reporting no surface data available at the 2100 UTC sounding.  Issue fixed by Gary by next sounding at 00 UTC.  

Profiler site - Temperature data collected from the Hobo logger in the profiler shed shows max temperature of 85 F over the last two days.  Shed checked today, air conditioner running, comfortable temperature in the shed. 

Sodar site - Temperature set point on IceCube air conditioner unit increased to try and get more load sharing with the other AC unit.  No issues with the electronics in the box.

John leaving for Lisbon tomorrow after 1200 UTC sounding.


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