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Instructions for AWC

These instructions assume you still have the src files, build libraries, etc. from the original installation, and that you followed the original instructions for the install.  If something in these instructions doesn't work, please let me know and we can figure out together how to get it right.


Here is a link to the tarball for the patch:



First put the contents of the tarball somewhere convenient:

mkdir ~/cip-patch
cd ~/cip-patch
# download the patch tarball and place into this directory
tar xzf cip-patch-2016.tgz


Unisys Radar

For the fix for unisys radar you need a new and to modify one of your environment variables.

cd ~
emacs neeeded_env_vars.run_cip

You will need to modify CIP_RADAR_NAME to include minutes (%M).  I think you currently define CIP_RADAR_NAME like this:


you will need to change that to this:



Then you need to copy in the new

source needed_env_vars.run_cip
cp ~/cip-patch/proj_dir/controlHome/bin/ $CIP_PROJ_DIR/controlHome/bin/



Gini2Mdv improvements require rebuilding the Gini2Mdv application, building a new GetSolarAngle application and getting new Gini2Mdv configuration files.

cd ~
cp ~/cip-patch/src/Gini2Mdv/* $CIP_SRC_DIR/apps/ingest/src/Gini2Mdv/
cd $CIP_SRC_DIR/apps/ingest/src/Gini2Mdv
make clean all
cp Gini2Mdv $CIP_INSTALL_DIR/bin

mkdir $CIP_SRC_DIR/apps/tools/src/GetSolarAngle/
cp ~/cip-patch/src/GetSolarAngle/* $CIP_SRC_DIR/apps/tools/src/GetSolarAngle
cd $CIP_SRC_DIR/apps/tools/src/GetSolarAngle
make clean all
cp GetSolarAngle $CIP_INSTALL_DIR/bin
cp ~/cip-patch/proj_dir/satHome/params/* $CIP_PROJ_DIR/satHome/params

The Gini2Mdv fix also requires the new, but that should have already been taken care of in the previous step.

The improvements to the metar processing only require installation of a new perl script

cp ~/cip-patch/bin/ $CIP_INSTALL_DIR/bin


That should be it.  Let me know if you run into any problems.  Once the patch has been installed, please let CIP run normally from cron for a day, and then send us all the log files for that day so that we can verify that things are ok.

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