Welcome to the Infrared Working Group (IRWG) wiki page for the SFIT retrieval code. This wiki contains information regarding the SFIT retrieval code including documentation, version history, and download links.

Latest Version V1.0.+

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Bug/Issue Reports

If you have a bug or issue to report or a question ask the development team:
SFIT4 Dev Team

Contact Information

James Hannigan
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling & Observations
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Phone: +1 (303) 497-1853
Email: james<at>ucar<dot>edu

Mathias Palm
Univ. of Bremen
Phone: +49 (0)421 218 98 62179
Email: mathias.palm<at>uni-bremen<dot>de

Ivan Ortega
Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling & Observations 
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Phone: +1 (303) 497-1861
Email: iortega<at>ucar<dot>edu

Bavo Langerock

Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Email: bavo<dot>langerock<at>aeronomie<dot>be

Recent Updates

June 2020 updates to core-code, linelist, ckopus, process environment are on going in May and June of 2020. As of June 12 we think the linelist is complete for the IRWG testing of HIT16 and ATM2020. core-code is going through final testing and is at v1.0.7, we are pushing out small edits so it is up to date and can be tested in its close to final version.  Process environment works with v3 python and updates to GEOMS IRWG v003 template is in the pipeline.  This will be required for uploads to the DHF in the near future. 

2019 SFIT4 Workshop

Was held in Boulder in November.  Check it out here

See Quick Tips page

A new version of sfit4 is now available (v 9.4.4). This version fixes the calculation of the temperature derivatives and therefore the temperature uncertainties. See the versions.txt file for more information.

We have developed Python code to write GEOMS format HDF files. This program along with a description and instructions can be found on the post-processing page. Please give us your feedback on this program.

Sfit4 Test Cases

Output files are now included with all the test cases. These files can be used to test your installation of sfit4.


Server Back Up

Sfit version 9.4.3 is now available for download.


Retrieval of the differential wave-shift (rt.dwshift) in version 9.4.2 does not work. This has been fixed in version 9.4.3. Please upgrade to this latest version.


Our ftp server which hosts the sfit core code for downloading is temporary unavailable. The link to download the sfit core code is currently not working. This should be resolved in a couple of days.

Ckopus has been updated to include different possible Bruker data block time / zpd time offset accommodation.  Layer1 has improved database reader and bug fixes.

July 9th, 2013

Layer 1 python code is now available on the Processing wiki page. Included is a python wrapper for ckopus which helps create the spectral database file. You can find documentation within the code; however, full documentation will follow. Please send us your comments, suggestions, or if you find any bugs in the code.

SFIT Wiki Opens

Sfit wiki is open to public!

Introduction email to sfit maillist here.

The 2013 combined NDACC-IRWG/TCCON meeting will be held from June 10-14 at the Hotel Abashirikoso in Abashiri-city, Hokkaido, Japan.

Training for SFIT4 will take place at this meeting.

For more information:Conference Webpage Link

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