→  Description of SFIT Processing Environment: sfit4-procEnv_Ortega_v2.pdf

Processing Flow

The ultimate goal of the processing is to:

  • Create a directory structure to organize the output data
  • Generate the necessary input files to run SFIT core code
  • Execute the SFIT core code
  • Conduct error analysis on output

The following diagram is a visual representation of the processing flow

Code Description and Download

Layer 1 and Layer 0

The zip file contains code for layer 1 and layer 0 along with supporting modules. Although layer 1 automatically generates the input file for the pspec program based on flags from the layer 1 input file an example input file is provided below.




Release Date


sfit4_procEnv_Ortega_v2.pdf3.0May 12th, 2020Description of SFIT Processing Environment



January 13th, 2014

Layer 1 Documentation

pspec.input1.1January 15th, 2014Example pspec input file for the pspec.f90 program
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