The core SFIT code consists of a set of modules written in Fortran to:

  • Extract HITRAN spectral lines
  • Format measurement data
  • Run SFIT retrieval

Version 1.0 Official Release page SFIT4 Version 1.0.14 for core code, linelists and processing environment.

Please see the Installing Supporting Software page for instructions on how to download and install the necessary software to run the SFIT core code. The sfit4 download contains:

  • FORTRAN SFIT4 code
  • Documentation regarding the sfit4 core code
  • Test cases and setup test tools
  • Miscellaneous tools

Then see the documentation page.


  • Always make sure you are working with the latest version of the software!!
  • Always use the linelists that are compatible with the version of SFIT4 you are running.
  • The test cases provided are only compatible with the current version of software and HITRAN line lists.
  • Updated test cases will be provided when new versions of software and HITRAN line lists become available.

SFIT Core Code, Test Cases, and Documentation

→  Go to the Version 1.0 Official Release page SFIT4 Version 1.0.14 

→  Go to the Version 1.0 Pre-Release page November 2018 Pre-Release (now with ATM linelist 20190910)

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