Please use the latest version of the core code and processing environment at SFIT4 Version 1.0.xx Release

The sfit processing environment is the machinery surrounding the sfit core code, which allows for:

  • Pre-processing
    • Pre-processing involves creating the spectral database file which has meta-data regarding a spectral observation, extracting relavent HITRAN line lists, and preparing ZPTW (altitude, pressure, temperature, water) profile data from other sources such as NCEP is also part of the pre-processing step.
  • Multiple and single spectra processing
    • The processing step involves running the actual SFIT core code to obtain retrievals. This can be done on a single observation or for multiple observations.
  • Post-processing
    • The post-processing step involves plotting and analyzing the results of one or more retrievals.

The majority of the processing environment is written in python, while some codes are written in C and IDL. Please see the Installing Supporting Software page for instructions on how to download and install the necessary programs.

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