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  • 20150125-27
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This was a potent Alberta Clipper that moved from southwestern Canada on January 24th, to the Plains states and Ohio Valley on the 25th. The low redeveloped off the mid-Atlantic coast on the 26th and rapidly intensified into a strong nor'easter, bringing heavy snow and strong winds to parts of the region. The heaviest snowfall and strongest winds occurred across eastern Long Island and southern CT where up to 2' fell.


WRF Domain

Initializations to be run:

  • 12 UTC 20150125
  • 00 UTC 20150126
  • 12 UTC 20150126
  • 00 UTC 20150127

Each run out to 48 hours

Data pulled (available under each case on mandan:/d3/projects/RAMADDA/MMET/CASES/20150125-20150127/2015012*)


  • GFS (0.25 degree) - pulled, on YS
  • GFS (half degree) - pulled, on RAMADDA
  • NAM (grid 218) - pulled, on YS and RAMADDA
  • HRRR - only see 2015012612 and 2015012700 pulled on RAMADDA


  • CCPA
  • MRMS (gcorr, ptype, prate, reflec)
    • Gauge-corrected NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_gcorr
    • Precip type NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_ptype
    • Precip rate NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_prate
    • Comp reflectivity NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/mrms_compref


  • NCEP radar mosaic


  • NDAS prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/ndas
    • Processed: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NDAS_03h
      • Ran: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/scripts/ and to process native NDAS pb files (run pb2nc and rename appropriately)
  • RAP prepbufr
    • NATIVE: yslogin3:/glade/p/ral/jnt/MMET/OBS/NATIVE/rap_pb
    • Processed: Do we want to pre-process or run pb2nc in the script?

Special Obs data

SBU has snow camera data for 26-27 Jan 2015 case

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