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  • List of items impacted by our name change
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This is the space where we will list items that will be impacted by our name change. Feel free to list anything and everything, large and small. There are categories below to get us started. Feel free to add your own category if you are listing items that don't seem to fit within the existing ones, or add clarity to items on the list with indented bullets (for example, see booth item below).

We need to send out a mailing of the change broadly internally and externally to reach all our audiences and promote our new name when it's decided.  Perhaps use Spark and UConnect MailChimp as well as other avenues -

  • SOARS/ULW lists; 
  • RETI teachers; 
  • SPP mailing via scheduling on MeetingMaker
  • Members' list
  • Internally via Staff Notes and all org email

Online presence

  • Spark website
    • convert absolute links (e.g. to relative links (e.g. /visit) [details]
  • Twitter @sparkscied
  • K-12 Newsletter (MailChimp template)
  • Logo
  • Spark's presence on other websites (UConnect, Education pages, etc.)
  • Delete Spark YouTube 
  • Vimeo account - Teri - rebrand with new name
  • email signatures
  • digital version of letterhead


  • Spark mentioned in credits on touch screen interactives (all non-COMET interactives in Sun-Earth and Weather exhibits)


  • brochures: stationary, general overview brochure, small 4-fold; atmos poster...
  • Business cards
  • Booth
    • tablecloths
    • Spark - center roll up banners (Teri's design - has file. Need only rebrand center banner)
  • Giveaways
    • Diffraction Glasses
    • 3D Postcards
  • Staff name tags
  • Apparel (most staff have a fleece vest with the Spark logo)

Activity template for activities w/ new logo to replace "Spark" logo

  • PDF versions of activities that were designed in InDesign
  • Activities designed with Drupal template on Spark site


  • Banners? I think they say Spark
  • PPT Template for Ignite at NCAR/Spark

PowerPoint Template

  • New ones

Grant proposals

What's our budget for the needed changes?  Do we have one for things like pubs?

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