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Topic:  Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with JavaFX
Presenter:  Matthew McCullough, Java applications arch.
Date:  Wednesday, February 20th at 12 noon
Location:  FL2-1022

Matthew McCullough is a Java applications architect and co-founder of a local engineering firm.  In this "basic concepts" presentation, Matthew will show some of the databinding, cross-language coding, and unique keyframe animationsthat are so easily accomplished using this new language. He'll also provide a comparison of JavaFX to Adobe FLEX, Adobe AIR, Ajax, and Microsoft Silverlight and review each of these platforms' features in comparison to JavaFX.

Matthew serves as a member of the CSIA Planning Committee, member of, member of the board of directors for the Denver Open Source Users Group, and frequently speaks at the Denver Java Users' Group and other trainings. Matthew contributed to the Sun Java 5 SCJP Certification Exam, and has contributed to several open source projects.

Please contact a member of the Web Advisory Group for more information.