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  • April 11, 2013
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Minutes of the Web Advisory Group at NCAR

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM in ML-239 Damon Rm

Present: Alex Sartan, Matt Pasiewicz, Carl Drews, Erika Marcum, Alex Chaux, David Vance, Zhenya Gallon, Lara Ziady, Jun Akiyama, Steven Geinosky, Scott Briggs, BJ Smith, Peter Schmitt

The March 2013 meeting minutes were approved Friday, April 12, 2013.

Featured Presentations

Staff Directory Phase II

  • Phase 1 has been a great success, good adaptation, building on success
  • Taxonomy to start tagging content with organizations.  People Org Taxonomy module syncs the taxonomy with People DB to constantly keep it up to date
    • Possible to add outside organizations?  Possibly.  Matt and Alex S will ponder.
  • Adding a new input filter for Drupal to allow developers to embed a listing of staff.  The People DB Input Filter module creates a new input format that allows developer to quickly include a staff listing using a token.  Documentation will be available when released.
    • Is it possible to filter by job category?  Possible, but hoping to get the most common functionality down first.
  • The code is maintained in GitHub.  Allows for good collaboration and code review.  Comments and questions can be posted to keep things on track.

Open Forum Discussion

  • Content sharing.
    • ITC - small working group to scope out use cases and type of content to share.  How many would adopt.  Figure out the value proposition to present to ITC.  Inventory the problems where RSS is not sufficient, what are the solutions, what will it cost to implement.
    • Provide guidelines/framework for exposing content in Drupal via APIs.  If you are going to build something, it should incorporate these x APIs
    • David Vance and Jun Akiyama have volunteered to take a preliminary look at content sharing solution solution, concentrating on taking inventory of problems and departments that are affected.
    • Alex Sartan will help look all at the service side of the model to identify pain points.

WEG Update

  • Staffing - Instead of hiring for 2 positions, WEG is hiring for 1.  Decision made to be leaner.  Still hiring SE II, Java based.

Working group updates

  • UDUG - Drupal Panels training completed.  Next training session will be Views in May.

WAG Callout

  • None


  • Future topics for discussion brought up by the group:
    • GitHub
    • D3 JavaScript visualization framework - Alex Sartan
    • Screen capture video for online tutorial videos.
    • Security issues and practices for our websites.  What processes can we put in place to increase and better our security practices.  Ask security team person to make a presentation.  What is the culture of security?  How do we raise the awareness?  Have an outside organization, Applied Trust for example, give a training session on what to do and look for.  Have CSAC do a brief introduction to let us know what they are currently doing, what they would like to do more of and then have a discussion with us and what our concerns are.
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