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  • April 18, 2019
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10-11:30am,  CG1-3131


10:00 (about 15 mins): Discussion on the goings-on at DrupalCon

10:15 - 11:00: Presentation by David Vance: Deploying and running our web applications (in Docker) on AWS

11:00 - 11:30: Presentation by Zhenya Gallon and Simmi Sinha about the rollout of the brand standards for the organization


Cindy Halley Gotway, Lara Ziady, Zhenya Gallon, Simmi Sinha, Don Kolinski, Tania Sizer, Stephen Geinosky, Dennis Ogg, Kay Sandoval, Ryan Johnson, B.J. Smith, Carl Drews, Jennifer Phillips, David Vance, Peggy Stevens


DrupalCon 2019 – WAG members who attended DrupalCon (April, 2019) talked about what they learned.

David Vance

Pantheon will be coming out with a local dev tool for Drupal that is similar to Acquia Dev Desktop

People under the age of 25 don't know what FAQ means

The update from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 will be painless – this is what Drupal is promising

Cindy Halley Gotway's Favorite Sessions

Recommended Layout Builder

Putting non-technical users, in control of the site.

    • Easy User Interface (UI) for marketing, empower marketing

    • Less reliance on developers

A Modern Designer's Workflow

New tools that allow us to craft beautiful & engaging work that moves as if it were the web

    • Recommended Sketch for modern interface design, simple to use after photoshop

      • Component based thinking with symbols

    • Communicate design to frontend teams with Zeplin

Measuring visual design

Visual Design is essential in shaping how users interact and feel about NCAR

    • Ux/ui (User Experience) design is focus

    • We judge a book by its cover for survival

    • Consistent feedback loop. Early and often

    • Interviews and cognitive walkthroughs

    • Personas: Who are we designing for?

    • How do similar sites do it

Other points:

    • How do you feel from website?

    • Has to be for the people, human experience

    • Accessibility is essential

    • User testing, google anaylitics

    • Be an advocate for the user, asking questions

Lara Ziady 

DrupalCon Seattle 2019 | Key Takeaways/Favorite Sessions

Go to the Drupalcon 2019 Seattle website or YouTube Playlist for presentation slides and videos; 

1. Migration training

    • Local development set-up using Virtual Box, Vagrant and Drupal VM
    • (Drupal 8 Migrations by Example)
      • presentation notes include sample files and custom module for practicing migration
      • Drupal modules used: Address, Entity reference revisions, Migrate plus, Migrate source csv, Migrate tools, and Paragraphs
    • Process
      • Extract - source plugin (e.g., csv, json)
      • Transform - process plugin - migration process 
      • Load - destination plugin (e.g. nodes, paragraphs, taxonomy terms)
    • Drupal channel on Slack is #migration

2. Content Architecture

3. Upgrading vs. Upcycling

 4. Improving the UI for Content Editors

Update on UCAR/CISL Web hosting – by David Vance and Stephen Geinosky

All sites hosted by CISL will have to be moved off by October 1, 2019.  This is a decision that was made the week of April 15, 2019.  The Drupal sites can be moved to Pantheon.  If Labs/Programs need help, please contact David or Stephen.

Pantheon training will probably be provided.  The cost of hosting your Lab/Program websites is TBD.  

Presentation by David Vance: "Deploying and running our web applications (in Docker) on AWS"

Presentation on "Brand Standards" by Zhenya Gallon and Simmi Sinha

WAG Brand Preview - April 18, 2019


    • Thanks for inviting us to give you a preview of the new organization-wide brand standards. We shared a link to the new brand website on Tuesday - - hope you’ll take a look soon if you haven’t already.

    • This is the soft rollout phase: We expect an official all-staff message announcing the standards fairly soon.

    • We’re not asking you to change anything on your websites right now, except to be sure all NCAR sites are compliant with NSF’s branding and disclaimer requirements

      • NSF’s instructions are in the NSF section in the Brand Standards guidebook (the PDF) or see the link in the right-hand nav on the brand webpage

      • Comms is continuing to advocate for the next phases of the Web Modernization Project, but the status of that is above Simmi’s, Peggy’s, and my pay grade. (Feel free to lobby your director about it.)


    • For now, if you’d like your webpages to be more brand compliant, feel free to reference the guide, and let us know if you get stuck.

    • We know many of you are asked to help with presentations and print materials, and the brand standards will help you bring your group’s materials into compliance.

    • The PDF includes examples of how the brand standards can look in practice for things like presentations, one-pagers, and scientific posters.

      • We’ve also set up a template library on Team Drive where you can download ready-to-use temlates for PowerPoint or Google Sheets, for example, and other applications you use.

      • There’s a link to the template library from the website and within the PDF (which is also on the website).

    • We’re not asking anyone to toss out existing materials until their content needs updating. But please start using these standards as soon as the all-staff announcement goes out.

    • Around the same time as the announcement, we will roll out the dates for some in-depth info sessions on the new brand standards, where we will take lots of questions.

    • There will also be at least two hands-on workshops:

      • One for people who work mostly with PowerPoint and Word

      • One for more-experienced designers who work with Adobe

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