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  • August 10, 2017
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Web Advisory Group (WAG)
1. DSET, featured presentation by Matt Mayernik of the NCAR Library.
    DSET = Data Stewardship Engineering Team (three years).
    DASH = Digital Asset Services Hub
    DSET is the team; DASH is the services.
    DSET reports to the UCAR Executive Committee through Bill Mahoney.
2. DASH is intended for use by the scientific community.
    Scientific data. No requirement for privacy.
3. Search & Discover system in beta test now.
    To be made public Fall 2017 - October?
4. DASH estimate for accepting deposits: > 6 months from now.
    Sophie Hou is the DASH coordinator.
5. Notify Matt next time a scientist wants to deposit data for a journal paper.
    That is a common use case at UCAR.
6. Metadata: An Abstract is the minimal metadata. Scientists will get better results if they take several hours to prepare keywords, geographic coordinates, authors, funding agencies, etc.
7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Duplicate content reduces your search rank drastically. The effect is that UCAR receives one up-vote, and that vote is split between the four UCAR pages that contain the same content. Better to have one source of content.
8. Redirect loses 30% of traffic. Instead, notify people who link to us and encourage them to update their links to our new site.
9. The best approach to SEO is to follow the standard tips: use header tags, meaningful link text, keywords, and link to relevant content.
10. New projects get better rank under an existing domain. is preferable to
11. SWEG Update, by Nate Wilhelmi. JIRA and Confluence.
    Cleaning up the Wiki projects.
12. Web Modernization Project (WMP). Waiting for content.
    Technical development completed end of September 2017?

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