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  • August 9, 2012
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Minutes of the Web Advisory Group at NCAR

Date: Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 10:00 AM in FL0-2512

Present: Alex Sartan, Jeff Alipit, Matt Pasiewicz, Michelle Flores, Tanya Sizer, Jun Akiyama, Garth D'Attilo, Markus Stobbs, Wendy Hawkins, Susanne Demaree, Erika Marcum

The July 2012 meeting minutes were approved.

NESL news and events content sharing strategy discussion (led by Jun Akiyama)

NESL, ACD, CGD, and MMM sites need to share content. Looking at how best to do that. Could publish all shared nodes on NESL for pulldown to subsites, or could publish nodes on each subsite, but then there are questions about how sharing with other subsites and parent NESL site could work gracefully. Will also want to consume content from, but currently attachments are not supported by that site due to various concerns. Currently using Feeds and XML Parser modules to share content. Jun feels the higher up the site hierarchy the content is placed, the easier it is to share across subsites which could argue for creating content in NESL parent site if it is likely to be shared. CGD and MMM are happy to pull down shared content from NESL site. ACD however would prefer NESL site to consume and aggregate their content. Having to go up to NESL site to create some content types rather than just creating them in divisional subsite seems onerous. A hybrid model that supports both approaches is also a possibility. Collapsing to one Drupal instance for NESL and it's divisions is no longer an option given work already done on separate instances.

Other options beyond RSS/XML publishing include:

  • Custom module on ACD site that enables node creation that posts data to NESL instance but appears within the wrapper of the division subsite.
  • Organic Groups
  • Rules-based synchronization
  • Domain Access module (for single centralized instance)
  • Multi-site Drupal instance
  • database prefixing to share tables between instances, makes upgrading harder, technically complex, more potential for creating content staging environments

One takeaway is that the model where NESL aggregates ACD content for use on NESL site probably needs to work and would be a useful model across other UCAR Drupal sites (eg. UCAR Comm or Staff Directory aggregating lab content). NESL staff will come to a final strategy after further research.

NCAR Exec Committee Atmos theme presentation debrief

Matt Hirschland presented on UCAR/NCAR brands and the Atmos theme solution to creating more consistency across websites. Good support from lab Directors for moving forward with Atmos theme on NCAR lab and division websites. Interest in making Atmos a responsive design to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Working group updates

  • Staff Directory project will launch late Aug/early Sept. Moving along nicely. Secured HR support for loosening People REST API terms of use for job title usage
  • DAM project looking more concretely at product solutions with some consensus building for minimum requirements
  • UDUG had 2 hour meeting last month that was open forum
  • Social Media - The revised soc med guidelines are still on Legal's desk and will be looked over soon.
  • WAG web development group created a github repository for Atmos theme collaboration between Drupal engineers.

Web Engineering Group

Staffing update:

  • Myra Custard departure after 10 years at NCAR going from student assistant to SE III
  • Bruce and Myra working part time still to finish SAM for launch
  • SE III and Web Dev III positions open, starting phone interviews
  • WEG Group Head position to open just internally next week for 5 days
  • Markus will assist transition through early Oct.
  • Dan Urist back from summer leave of absence
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