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  • August 9th, 2018
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10-11:30, FLA-2111


Presentation:  Helen Moshak will cover the following:

  • Umbrella Launch
  • Vermilion Web Needs Assessment (Phase II - Programs and Labs)
  • Sibson Administration and Web Services Assessment - Shared Services

Discussion about the new NSF branding guidelines by Carl Drews


Ryan Johnson, Carter Borst, Dawn Mullally, Sharon Clark, Carl Drews, Don Kolinski, Connie Phillips, BJ Smith, Tania Sizer, Zhenya Gallon, Stephen Geinosky, Cindy Halley Gotway

Meeting Notes

 This meeting was audio recorded.    wag-meeting-aug-9-2018.mp3

Web Modernization and Shared Services Presentations by Helen Moshak

Good progress made towards the launch of the new umbrella website 

Tentative date to launch site is August 21 (if not possible, then August 28)

Good feedback received from the Survey (included 2 UCAR board members)

Some of the feedback can be implemented now, some will be later

some of the comments:

    • looks more modern
    • change is hard
    • will take time to get used to it

There was a content strategy for the umbrella site modernization project, and there will be a strategy developed for the Labs and Programs

    • focus groups will be formed and external experts (Vermillion)
    • presentation will be given to the EC, and this presentation will be shared with WAG afterwards
    • web review first, then project plan will be developed

Share Services Assessment

RFP process completed for Administrative Assistant work and Web Developers (NCAR only) assessment

signed contract with SIBSON for assessment and suggestions (Design/Build/Implementation will come later with outside consultants contracted)

Connie Phillips is the project lead

guidelines and homework given by SIBSON

a project team will be formed

special meeting later in August to review

if you have questions, direct them to Helen, Connie or Nate

(Nate: the needs assessment is performed in a technology agnostic approach.  A main  consideration is: who are we trying to reach?)

NSF Branding Guidelines Presentation by Carl Drews and Zhenya Gallon

Should have the NSF disclaimer in the footer – most Labs have this.  These guidelines have been worked on for several years already.

The NSF logo should not have text to the left of it

Can have this:  "Sponsored by  "

The UCAR Presidents Council has empowered Rachael Drummond (UCAR Communications Director) to make decisions about guidelines for print.  There will be a meeting on September 12, 9am to 11:30 to review all use cases.

Any new sites should add "Sponsored by <NSF logo>" in the top left corner of the website header/banner.

For UCP Programs that do NOT get all of their funding from the NSF, ask Rachael about how to handle the NSF logo.

There is an ongoing discussion with the NSF about how to elevate the presence of both the NSF and NCAR/UCAR.

Update from Nate Wilhelmi

PHP is being updated on CISL servers to PHP 7 (from 5 and 6)

Some website owners still need to update the spread sheet Nate shared.  Please do this by August 23.

On Drupal sites, any custom code that has been written, has to be reviewed for mainly deprecated functions.  Has to be looked at case by case.

Please indicate if any websites are not needed anymore.

(Zhenya:  inquiries for old content –  might help)

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