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  • February 14, 2019
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10-11:30am,  FL0-2512


Presentation by David Vance, Nate Wilhelmi tentatively titled "Using Docker to Develop, Deploy and Deliver Web Applications"


Jeff Alipit, Sharon Clark, Jason Cunning, Carl Drews, Stephen Geinosky, Cindy Halley Gotway, Heather Harris, Brenda Javornik, Ryan Johnson, Don Kolinski, Konnie Phillips, Tania Sizer, David Vance, Nate Wilhelmi, George Williams


General discussion before David Vance's presentation. Question about the status of the Vermilion redesign of the lab-level websites. Vermilion meeting with observational data groups, but still no schedule regarding new roll out.

David Vance gave a content-rich presentation on the use of Docker in general and its use in SWEG specifically.

Slide deck:

Additional notes from the presentation relating to the slides:


  • As an example, updating from php 5 to 7 for all applications on a server at once would be difficult and time consuming; Too many dev environments.


A demo of the HPCTV website was given:

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