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  • February 9, 2017
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WAG FEB 9, 2017
10-11:30am, CG1-2503

-  New Co-chair Vote  (to replace David Vance): 5-10 minutes

-  Carl Drews Presentation: How FISMA will affect your web site (30 minutes with Q&A).

-  Redefine the WAG, its direction, focus,and future.

-  Suggestions from Jan meeting included

   -  Merge WAG and UDUG?

   -  Discontinue one or other? However WAG is an official group, while UDUG is not. 

   -  Regarding WAG monthly meetings, suggestions of how often to hold meetings:

      -  Continue to hold monthly meetings as is, or 

      -  Attend the Modernization Web Sprints in place of WAG meetings while the sprints are
         in process, or

      - Hold WAG meetings every other month.

-  Reminder of WAG Purpose & Goals

Develop policies and strategies, recommend technologies and coordinate existing expertise and infrastructure related to UCAR’s use of the WWW. The scope of the committee covers a broad range of web-specific aspects of UCAR’s IT and includes hardware, software, design, and maintenance. 


  • Carl Drews is selected WAG Co-Chair for the next year.

WAG decided by consensus:

1. WAG will meet bi-monthly in even numbered months. The discussion topics and featured presentations will be Drupal and non-Drupal.
2. UDUG meetings are paused for now. Keep the e-mail alias for communicating.
3. Public Sprint Reviews for the Web Modernization Project will continue.

  • BJ Smith will follow up with Aaron Anderson to determine the status of the Proposed Google Sites Guidelines that the WAG approved, thought to be early 2016 or late 2015; and report back to the WAG no later than our next meeting.
  • Carl will send out presentation pdf.
  • All members please send Carl Drews and Terri Hamner your ideas for future presentations including presentations you would like to give.

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