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  • June 13, 2019
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10-11:30am, CG1-2126  (please note that the location was changed)


  • Stephen Geinosky will give a presentation and demo on "Github and Jekyll/Liquid/Markdown/Docker"

  • Moving websites off CISL servers to Pantheon

  • Possibly discussing Lara Ziady's initiative to start up UDUG (UCAR Drupal User's Group) meetings


Carl Drews, Tania Sizer, Don Kolinski, Dennis Ogg, Molly McAllister, Sharon Clark, Sara Byrd, Stephen Geinosky, Lara Ziady, BJ Smith, Shannon Rivers, Ryan Johnson

Listen to the meeting



Stephen G gave a presentation about using Jekyll to create static pages (listen to audio of meeting).

We also had a short discussion on the future of reviving UDUG.

Don and Tania's tenure as WAG co-chairs is ending in December. We need volunteers to take over.

See the instructions David Vance and Stephe Geinosky created for web developers for moving websites off CISL servers to Pantheon hosting:

Pantheon Drupal Hosting

Pantheon Drupal 7 Migration

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