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  • June 14th, 2018
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10-11:30, ML-245-Chapman Room


Presentation: Laura Hoff will talk and demo the web crawling service, Archive-It, especially how it can be used to preserve web content in preparation for more web modernization initiatives.

Presentation: Ryan Johnson will showcase the new CESM2 website.

Quick update on work on umbrella site from David and Stephen, focusing on the new feeds.

Quick update on Shared Services initiative from from Helen Moshak


Jeff Alipit, Carter Borst, Sara Byrd, Sharon Clark, Stephen Geinosky, Terri Hamner, Laura Hoff, Ryan Johnson, Don Kolinski, Helen Moshak, Dennis Ogg, Jennifer Phillips, Susan Ramsey, Shannon Rivers, Tania Sizer, B.J. Smith, David Vance, Dan White, Nate Wilhelmi


Presentation: Laura Hoff from NCAR Library/NCAR Archives ( spoke about their use of Archive-It to preserve web content.

NCAR archives started to archive web content in 2013 to preserve it in case of site deletion or large changes in content.

Archive-It used the web crawler Heritrix, integrates with ArchivesSpace, and results in data de-duplication.  On the new pages generated from archived content, the dates of each crawl and what content was updated is shown.  The Archive-It page can then be linked to from other pages to display the archived pages, and it has search capabilities.

Contact Laura Hoff ( at NCAR Library if you have web pages that are either slated for deletion or major changes so that they can be archived beforehand.

Presentation: Ryan Johnson from CGD's Information Systems Group (ISG) gave a quick tour of the new CESM-2 web site.

The new pages for the CESM-2 model give the user added tools.  There is now a utility to set up files for model configuration and a new timing table.  

Users can also upload their model results.

Visit the new page here:

Open Discussion

Stephen Geinosky gave an update about the new umbrella site news feeds.  They are different from the current feeds and will break your news feeds on your sites when the switch is made.  Contact him ( or David Vance ( to help you set up a test on your site for these new feeds.

Helen gave updates on umbrella sites:

Rollout delayed while content is finalized.  Trying to be sure content links to the relevant labs and projects which provide more information.  Currently looking at an end-of-July rollout with Town Hall meetings to discuss new sites and the next phase, lab sites. 

There was a question about content authoring, whether site owners will be involved or will Laura Snider be doing it.  Helen indicated that, at this stage, Laura is handling it and there should be no requests for big changes.

Another comment was about how to properly represent the library when so much of the library site is devoted to outside services.

Jeff Alipit asked about support of an intra-net for internal facing content.  Helen responded that the focus currently is on outward facing content, but that the inward-facing content will be addressed later.

An estimate of at least a year before new lab sites go online.  In the meantime, it would be a good idea for web developers to learn Drupal 8 and Pantheon.

Nate Wilhelmi noted that old, obsolete content will often come up in searches, so please delete or move offline content that you don't want public to see or web crawlers to index.

Helen on Shared Services:

Consulting services will be coming in to give presentations on what they can do for UCAR, and help us figure out what we need.  Timeline for roll-out will come after.

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