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  • June 8, 2017
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Web Advisory Group
1. Feature Presentation by Carl Drews:
A zooming geographical selector that uses the Google Maps library
	Shape files for maps - someday.
2. SWEG Update, by Nate Wilhelmi
	JIRA Notifier update
	Wiki Review Team has gone over the WAG space and archived old pages.
3. Web Modernization Project, by David Vance
	A. Org-nav will move to
		No longer a module, but static files.
		Webmasters should update their org-nav footer; point to new source.
		More information will come soon.
		David will update the wiki.
	B. Implementing new development tools (Stephen Geinosky).
		SAS-Lint: SAS = CSS meta-language.
			Check syntax and coding standards.
			Run grunt to execute SAS-Lint.
		Backstop-JS: compare screen shots for style changes.
		Casper: Javascript library for auto-clicking through web pages.
4. New web site architecture: News publishes to NCAR and UCAR sites.
	News feeds may change.
5. B.J. Smith: Nate and Aaron are considering Google Sites.
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