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  • May 9, 2013
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Minutes of the Web Advisory Group at NCAR

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM in FLA-211

Present: Alex Sartan, Matt Pasiewicz, Carl Drews, Erika Marcum, Alex Chaux, Helen Moshak, David Vance, Ryan McVeigh, Maggie Sleziak, Alex Eschenbaum, Tania Sizer, Mark Mulholland, Alice Bertini, Zhenya Gallon, Ligea Ruff, Lara Ziady

The April 2013 meeting minutes were approved.

Support Services Working Group

The ITC is preparing an Enterprise Architecture Strategic Plan, and a sub-group of the ITC is looking at Support Services across the organization.  Much of the criticism this group has received is the inability to access support from a centralized location.  There are many support services across the organization, and it is difficult to know where to go and find information regarding a specific issue.  Today's topic raises the issue as to whether a centralized support page would be a good idea.  In short, the WAG members agree that having a centralized location, a web page, that springs the user to the appropriate division support center is a good idea, but that having a centralized support center would be difficult and not well received. 

  • ITC Support Services Working Group -
  • Background from 2007 -
  • Discussion 
    • Mentioned email from Mark Bradford about (*help*) ... 
      • Could be useful, but may not be sufficient 
      • Confederation vs. Centralized
      • Over the course of the discussion, people seemed to gravitate to having distributed /help sites
    • Questions of scope arose ... 
      • Are we talking a full intranet or just a support page with links to lots of different sites?
      • Who is the audience ... internal vs. external?
        • external audience and internal audience were deemed to be equally important by the working group
      • ... not widespread support
    • Alex showed a mock-up that provides an inventory of support sites
      • - An example of what not to do? Or will any new solution "devolve" into something similar?
      • Where to link to it to such a thing from?
        • Org Nav (Contact/Visit) questions ... Force link to centralized site and/or relative link to /help to encourage other people to link to it?

WEG Update

  • Refreshed visitor listing on the Staff Directory
  • SEII have narrowed it down to a candidate
  • DrupalCon upcoming
  • SAM Continuing to take up time

Working group updates

  • UDUG
    • Views training next week
    • D6 to D7 upgrade
  • Content Sharing
    • June reported that there was one meeting - no conclusions, will meet again 
    • Questions of Scope Linger
      • Options were do nothing, simple low-fi solution, full scale solution ... 
      • Questions of scope linger ... drupal only broader solutions
  • Multimedia - Zhenya reported that group has been incorporated into a group that Shawn Winkleman is leading; work is continuing and another meeting is being scheduled
  • GIS - Maggy talked about a grop focused on Google/GIS/ESRI ArcGIS ... ArcGIS JavaScript API is available ... will talk about it next month and compare to Google
  • Metrics Task Force - Helen Moshak reported that Mary Marlino is heading up the new group helping to collect and report on the impact of NCAR
    • Scientific Productivity - OpenSky, SAM, Awards, Metrics DB in scope
    • Person Level Metrics
    • Program Level Metrics
    • Use Cases
      • Funding Agencies
      • Institutional Fact Sheets
      • Personell Review
      • Web Display 

WAG Call-out

  • The new COSMIC website - written in Perl (using template toolkit), HTML5, CSS 
  • Showed some code (which was fun) to highlight how the site was designed to function in the background
  • Has dynamic reference database 
  • They use SVN


  • Future topics for discussion brought up by the group:
    • D3 JavaScript visualization framework - Alex Sartan
    • Screen capture video for online tutorial videos.
    • Security issues and practices for our websites.  What processes can we put in place to increase and better our security practices.  Ask security team person to make a presentation.  What is the culture of security?  How do we raise the awareness?  Have an outside organization, Applied Trust for example, give a training session on what to do and look for.  Have CSAC do a brief introduction to let us know what they are currently doing, what they would like to do more of and then have a discussion with us and what our concerns are.
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